Steg Pegz

Canadian patent no. 2664594 US Patent No. 8,388,008 Australian Patent No. 2007302615 European Patent No.ep2074014

Rubber puck stops the body going backwards under acceleration taking weight off the hands and arms reducing arm pump and fatigue.

Steg Pegz are a revolutionary concept which allows you to grip and control with your legs not just your arms.

Best Professional Off-road Riders

StegPegz allow me to use my legs a lot more to control the bike which makes it easier on my arms. I’ve used StegPegz in every Finke I’ve won and I can’t imagine riding there without them. I’d need to back off the throttle at some stage to rest my arms if I wasn’t using them. StegPegz let me go as fast as I want for the entire race

Ben Grabham - Factory Motorex KTM 4x Finke Desert Race Champion

Used by

Factory Motorex KTM off-road Riders (Finke, Hattah racing).

Factory Honda GHR off-road team.

Factory Husqvarna Rider Glenn Kearney

StegPegz Designed to Reduce Arm Pump & Fatigue

Steg Pegz have been specifically designed for whooped-out Sand, Rough Tracks or Trails by 2009 Australian State QLD Motocross champion Stephen 'Stegz' Smith.

  • Greatly reduced arm pump and fatigue 
  • Grip and control with your legs effortlessly 
  • Shave seconds off your lap times 
  • Make the gnarliest tracks seem easy! 
  • Create a seat bounce effect when jumping standing up 
  • Hammer terrain faster than ever thought before 
  • Increase rear wheel traction while standing under acceleration 
  • Loft the front wheel EASILY over obstacles (Oh and Stand up wheelies!)