Desert King

DESERT KING Heavy Duty STEG PEGZ $274 per set* You can also run 1, 2 or 3 rubbers. All included with correct mounting bolts!

For The Hard Core Desert/Off-road Rider

5mm Thick 5083 Grade Aluminium Plate

40mm Rubber Protrusion. For Serious Grip!

50mm Rubber Adjustability (Back and Forward)

Only selected models available

To purchase, please proceed to Buy Now page and choose your StegPegz. You will have the option in the drop down list to select Desert King HD model


Can't find Desert King Steg Pegz for your model?
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 * There is an added $15.00 AUD shipping charge per set of StegPegz for Australia orders. 
Additional charges apply for International orders outside of Australia.